Within the Heart of Silence

Once Upon A Midnight Clear

Trashy Romance Novel

A bookstore owner named Eloise Keller finds herself falling for a horror novelist... and facing her fear of the monster that's said to haunt the woods surrounding her small mountain town.

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Broken Mirror

A collection of eight short stories, ranging from Horror to Romance to Science Fiction. Featuring Crossover, a brand new story starring the beloved characters of Boy Band and Cemetery Tours.

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The Cemetery Tours Series

Wind Trail Publishing

The Boy Band Series

Trashy Suspense Novel

Home of Author Jacqueline E. Smith

When her trashy romance novel is adapted into a mini-series, Delaney Brooks ventures to the Scottish Highlands for the filming... and ends up falling in love with a movie star.

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Once Upon a Time, Princess Rosalind was supposed to marry Prince Nicolas and live happily ever after. That is, until he announces his intentions to marry someone else.

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Mel Parker is helplessly in love with her best friend... who just so happens to be a member of the world's hottest Boy Band. This complete series is available on Amazon.

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An award-winning collection of poetry by James William Peercy and photography by Jacqueline E. Smith. 

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The Cemetery Tours series follows a young man named Michael Sinclair, who can see and speak to the dead.  You can find the first four books in the series on Amazon.

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